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So many people have taken the time to help us so far, I hope I do not miss anyone, if I do, drop me some hate mail. This page will change as time goes on.

First, I feel we need to thank or better half's, the woman of the LiveMotionCentral team have gone many hours without there men, and have actually found friendship in each other, thank you both for your love, understanding, and support.

Next, a HUGE thank you to Willy of Kalai-Hawaii. Willy has been great, he has donated so much of his time, input, additional hard drive space and some great tutorials for LiveMotion 1.0. Thank you Willy, you have been simply wonderful.

For those of you that had the time to enter the initial contests for, thank you, it was all of you that gave us the drive that was needed to get up off of our butts and start working on this thing.

Jeff Seal, Simon D, Phil B, Phil S, Bob, The Adobe LM Team, Legal, PR, etc... You all know who you are, as above, if I missed your name, send me some hate mail.

A special thanks to John Noe, Jeff Seal and Willy for doing some basic testing of the site for us.

A very special thanks to Joe B for answering my emails, when I knew he was buried over his head in work.

A special thanks to everyone at the U2U forums! All of your help, getting me going in LM1 has been priceless.

More to come soon!

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