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LiveMotion 2 & GoLive 6 Smart Objects LM2 & GL 6 Difficulty: Intermediate Download
  By: Jon Thompson Email: URL: 05.03.2002  

Learn how to use GoLive Smart Objets with LiveMotion 2.0. This tutorial will show you how to setup a LIV file, change the text and change the links all from GoLive 6! The download is done in GoLive 6, so you can import the site, and work with the LIV and PSD Smart Objects to see exactly how it was done.




Adobe LiveMotion 2 and GoLive 6 have taken some steps to make your life easier. I for one am very happy with GoLive's Smart Object for LiveMotion. You can change text, object, color, add scripts, interaction and so much more. GoLive's Smart Object for LiveMotion makes being lazy so much easier then before.

Part I - Setting up your LIV file:

Lets get started by making our LiveMotion file. We are going to make a standard menu bar that will look just like this when it is finished.


This will be very simple to setup by making one Movie Clip Button, and then duplicating it three times. Rename each MCG to btnOne, btnTwo, btnThree, btnFour. When all of your buttons have been renamed, double click on the btnOne MCG in the timeline window, and then select the text object named Black link txt.

Your Timeline window should look like this.


Now we want to open the Web Palette by clicking on Window -> Web. When your web palette opens you will see where it says Replace. The Replace field is used for giving a name to an object such as text, or other objects that you draw, and then GoLive will use this name when you add the LiveMotion Smart Object LIV to a document.

For each button, we want to select the text, and give each one a new name in the Replace field. Name each one txtOne, txtTwo, txtThree, txtFour. Here is what your Web Palette will look like when you add the Replace name for txtOne.

Replace Text

When you have given each Text Object a Replace Name, now we will give each Rectangle in each MCG a Replace name as well. Simply select your Rectangle and type in the Replace name of btnOne, btnTwo, btnThree, btnFour.

Your Replace field should look like the below images for Button One's selected Rectangle.

Replace Button

So to sum things up for Step one. We have created Four Movie Clip Groups, and each MCG has a replace name for the text object, and a replace name for the rectangle object. It should be exactly like this.

  • btnOne:
    • Black link txt = txtOne
    • Medium Orange Rectangle = btnOne
  • btnTwo:
    • Black link txt = txtTwo
    • Medium Orange Rectangle = btnTwo
  • btnThree:
    • Black link txt = txtThree
    • Medium Orange Rectangle = btnThree
  • btnFour:
    • Black link txt = txtFour
    • Medium Orange Rectangle = btnFour

Part II Making your LIV Smart:

Now that we have our LIV file setup and saved, we are going to make it work for us in GoLive. To do this, make sure your Objects Palette is open, and select the Smart Object's button.


Now open a new HTML document, and drag the LiveMotion Smart Object icon into your new HTML document.

Smart Object

With your Inspector window open, select the LIV Smart Object in your HTML document, and it should look like this.


In the Source Field, click on the folder icon to open your Browse for File window. Locate the LIV file you saved, and then click on OK. When this is done, a new window will open up to show all of the Replace names you have in your LIV file, and allow you to make changes to them. Your new window should look like this.

Click to Enlarge

Now you want to Set Text, Set Font, and Set Size for each Text object. When this is completed, now you want to Set Link and Set Target for each Rectangle object. When you have completed, your window should look like this.

Click to Enlarge

Now click on the OK button, set your background color to your new SWF file, and then click on OK to have LiveMotion export your LIV to swf.

Thats It!

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