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Player Scripting

View Online Building a Pointer Field Difficulty: Advanced
Author: Lake Application Version: LiveMotion 2.0 Category: Scripting
Description: This tutorial will lead you through the construction of a pointer that will point at the mouse as you move it around the composition. By the end, you'll also be able to distribute a group of them across the screen randomly (read: useless eye candy).
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View Online Elastic Trailer - it wiggles, it snaps! Difficulty: Intermediate
Author: Simon Dabkowski Application Version: LiveMotion 2.0 Category: Scripting
Description: In addition to causing a (MC) MovieClip object to follow your mouse pointer (also know as a mouse trailer), this tutorial will also show you how to cause the MC to have an elastic effect once the mouse is moved.
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Incredible, Unbreakable, Scripted RevMachine Difficulty: Intermediate
Author: TonoApplication Version: LiveMotion 2.0 Category: Player Scripting
Description: In LiveMotion 1 we used a RevMac to play timelines forwards and backwards based on user input. In LiveMotion 2.0 we can achieve this same effect more efficiently and effectively though scripting. This Tutorial walks you thought the steps to creating a simple scripted RevMechine and also includes some basic code for a 2 stage button.

Loading Dynamic Text Part II Difficulty: Beginner
Author: Jon ThompsonApplication Version: LiveMotion 2.0ˆ Category: Dynamic ContentDate: 03.09.2002
Description: Part II in a Two part series, here we show you how to make your text scroll. No matter how much text you add to your text box, our scroller will work just perfectly!
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